Tube bending machine

Tube bending machine is the machine tool of equipment or unit to perform the tube bending technology process. On these pages you will find all the main information about tube bending machines.
Tube bending machine should be separated of any other tube bending units or equipment, or tools to perform the tube bending in manual way. Machine tools means the possibility to make forced actions of the machine units with the help of air (pneumatic), hydraulic or electric sources and systems. Tube bending machine has one or several controlled movements (axis) for tube manipulation. Outside of any other possible movements at least one movement - bending action itself with the help of bending arm, bending console, bending roller etc. is machinery performed and controlled.

Tube bending machine is equal to the notion as "pipe bending machine", "pipe bender", "tube bender". But it is necessary to know that in lot of sources the word "bender" could mean the complete manual movements.

Moreover tube bending machine means the use of draw tube bending or compress bending processes so it is separate equipment than "3-roll bending machine" or "profile bending machine".

Tube bending machines could be devided as:

  • Mandreless tube bending machines
  • Mandrel tube bending machines

as well as:

  • Standard (cold) tube bending machines
  • Induction tube bending machines

as well as:

  • Semi-automatic tube bending machines
  • Automatic tube bending machines

Details of tube bending machines

All tube bending machines have technical details or specification which are used as the possibility to justify the fit of the requirements and parameters. Normally any tube bending machine has the following parameters:

  • Max. diameter of tube to be bend with different materials
  • Min. and max. possible radiuses to be obtained (because the radius is connected to tube bending tools this important parameter means normally the max. possible dimensions for bending dies installation)
  • Max. length of the tube to be proceed
  • Information about all machine movements
  • Tolerances and precision
  • Specifications of the control

Using with other technologies

Today professional tube bending machines could be not used as single station for tube bending but could be integrated in processing line for additional actions for tube processing. Here are some functions and tube fabrication additional technologies which could be used before, together or after tube bending machine. Please note than normally all complex technologies are required high-level tube bending machinery with possibility to work in automatic mode.

  • Tubes manipulation (loading and unloading) - with the help of additional device, station or robot
  • Cutting - as additional machine unit
  • End-forming - required additional machine tool but the cycle could be with the use of robot or transfer system
  • Punching of holes - as additional machine unit
  • Controls of positioning
  • Marking - by inkjet or punching methods
  • Detection of weld seam - could be intergrated in the machine with additional loading units
  • Assembly of nut - required additional machine tool but the cycle could be with the use of robot
  • Measuring - some possibilities could be integrated in the machine
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