Tube bending

Tube bending is the main metalworking tube deformation process to obtain the bended tube with the desired radius and angle. Tube bending process is required for many parts and applications in different products and equipment from simple rails and furniture elements till complicated tubing lines in production equipment, processing factories, aerospace, automotive etc.
Technological action of tube bending process is to bend the tube with angle so this process is completely different than other deformation processes, for example hydroforming or stamping of tubing halfs with the future welding. Other processes as the result also can have a bended tube but without the use of tube bending.

Tube bending is usually divided as:

  • Cold tube bending (or bending without induction heating)
    • Ram bending
    • Compression bending
    • 3-rolls bending
    • Draw bending
      • Mandreless bending
      • Mandrel bending
  • Hot tube bending or induction bending

Additionally depends of the technology terms are used:

Depends of the final geometry of tube is used:

  • 2D bending or simple bending
  • 3D bending

Depends on the tools or equipment to use is used:

  • Manual tube bending
  • Machinery semi-automatic tube bending
  • CNC or automatic tube bending

Depends of the final geometry is used:

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