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Welcome to our Wiki about tube bending technology, hosted by
This Wiki is connected with everything and about tube bending. Feel free to use it, read or, probably help us to make it more detailed and interesting.

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We are planning to make the best, detailed and very easy to read technical and educational source dedicated for tube bending technology. This wiki contains all the main terms which are used in industry, main specifications and explanations, information about equipment manufacturers and principals of work, materials, software and exhibitions to refer with tube bending industry. We hope that this source could be helpful for all people who are interested in tube bending technologies and moreover for the people who already obtained the tube bending equipment but looking forward to understand more theory about principles and technology. Together with consumers we will try to provide information also for specialists in industry such as most important exhibitions, sources and details. We welcome everybody and hope you will find out all the answers you are looking for…

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Tube bending as technology

Magazines about tube processing industry

Exhibitions for tube processing technologies

More information about tube bending machines

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